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An exciting debut that will ensnare YA readers and leave them wanting more of this intricate, intriguing world where nothing is quite as it seems. Fans of science fiction, dystopian and superhero fiction will fall in love with this story.

—K.A. Fox, USA Today Best-selling Author of The Devil's Own and Judas Kiss

Original, dark, and gritty, Fox's debut novel beautifully marries the complexity of forbidden romance and moral gray areas. The pages practically turn themselves. 

—Jessica Therrien, best-selling author of Children of the Gods

WOW! A debut novel?! I would have never guessed. The writing is perfect, the world building beyond imagination with truly exceptional characters. Stand aside, Roth! Fox is in town.
—D. Fischer, best-selling author of the Heavy Lies the Crown series

A fun, inventive urban fantasy debut with plenty of atmosphere and a swoon-worthy antihero. Kept me turning pages late into the night!

—Kat Ross, best-selling author of The Fourth Element trilogy

T.D. Fox has crafted a gripping and gritty fantasy with the perfect combination of suspense, twists, and self-discovery. THE WALLS OF ORION will have you on the edge of your seat!

—Dennis K. Crosby, Amazon best-selling author of DEATH’S LEGACY

The mystery woven into every scene of this debut is riveting! Fox is a master at building suspense. The Walls of Orion will capture you with its charm, then drag you deep into a world that feels all-too-real. I'm so in love with this book!

—Danielle Harrington, best-selling author of The Diseased Ones

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Author's Note on the contents of The Walls of Orion​

Ironically, I began writing The Walls of Orion in 2016, and finished April 2019, almost an exact year before my country, city, and friends got plunged into a very real pandemic lockdown. 
Luckily I haven't had to live in a city with a two hundred foot concrete wall around it and indefinite curfews, but my real life experience of quarantine while polishing up the final drafts of this heartchild for publishing certainly felt surreal after the last four years of extensive research on, "How would a mysterious pandemic be handled on a city level? A national level?" 
Imagine my surprise, (on top of all the other emotions that come with a pandemic) when in the middle of finalizing my story's publication, real life beat me to the punch. 

2020's been quite a whirlwind. But I am beyond excited to finally see 2021, and share my debut novel with the world on April 13, exactly two years to the day after I got to write "the end." 

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